April Message

posted Apr 15, 2011, 11:14 AM by Felicia Ippolito   [ updated Apr 15, 2011, 11:33 AM ]

Dear Parents/Guardians

 On behalf of the entire staff, we thank you for taking the time to complete recent Parent Surveys.  Your feedback is important to us and we need this information to guide our next steps.  Response rates to date have been positive.  The deadline is April 15th for parents and teachers to complete surveys.


Over the last several months your children have been actively engaged in their learning.  There are many exciting things happening each day in our classrooms.  Classroom celebrations in writing have demonstrated students’ passion for research and writing.  We continue to be proud of your child’s accomplishments and their determination to strive towards excellence.


As the winter fades away slowly, we’re all eager for spring to ‘arrive’.  There is a glimmer of hope as the flowers begin to pop-up.  The holidays are upon us and this brings an exciting time for all of us.  We look forward to time with family and friends.  The staff and I extend our warm wishes for a wonderful and healthy holiday. 


At this time we’re in the process of creating our new website:  www.ps108q.com.  Plan to check out this site.  In September this site will replace www.ps108q.org.


To the parents and guardians of students in grades 3-5: As you know, the NYS ELA Assessment will be administered to students in grade 3-5 on May 3-5.  The NYS Math Assessment will be given on May 11-12.  With your support, our teachers and students have been preparing for these exams, and we expect them to do well.  Below are some tips to better prepare your child for the day of the test:

·        Make sure your child goes to bed early the night(s) before the test.

·        Make sure they arrive to school on time.  Late comers may not be permitted to take the test, and will have to do a make-up.

·        Make sure your child eats a light and healthy breakfast.

·        Make sure your child dresses comfortably. 

·        If your child wears eye glasses, make sure they have them on the day of the test.

·        If your child is ill on any of these days, please keep them home.  Make-up dates will be scheduled.

·        Remind them to be positive and that they’re well prepared for these exams.


Again, I wish everyone a wonderful, restful and enjoyable holiday!



Marie Biondollilo