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PS 108Q will be celebrating World Kindness Day on Friday, November 13th

posted Nov 9, 2020, 4:56 AM by Felicia Ippolito
P.S. 108Q will be celebrating  World Kindness Day  on Friday, November 13th! 
Here are some fun ways you can celebrate! 
  •  Wear a shirt with a positive message or your favorite emoji! 
  •  Compliment the first three people you see today! 
  •  Create a poster to share with your class, highlighting ways you can spread kindness! 
  •  Compliment a friend in your Google Meet or in your classroom! 
  •  Help a friend, a parent, or a teacher today! 
  •  Write a kind message to your friends and teacher on your Google Classroom stream! 
  •  Write a kindness card to a friend or family member today!