Fifth Grade Student Work

Class 5-507 facilitated a fundraiser for UNICEF for the entire school. They visited each class and gave speeches about their mission and fundraiser. After placing a collection box in every classroom, they collected the money every week and kept a running count of how much had been collected. Together, they collected $1,689.21 to help children in need around the world!

Please click on the link below to view artwork from class 5-510.  The artwork is posted on a website called Artsonia and is listed as "Taught by Jennifer Parisi".

Here are pictures from class 504 from Friday December 13, 2013 when they had their explanatory writing publishing party. Students wrote about topics of their choice where they researched and explained their topics to their classmates.  Topics ranged from cheetahs, dogs, tigers, slugs, thunderstorms, caves, parrots, giraffes, and gray wolves. Parents and administration attended this event.