Parent letter regarding water bottles

posted Sep 13, 2019, 8:20 AM by Felicia Ippolito   [ updated Sep 13, 2019, 8:21 AM ]
Dear Parents,  
Students are permitted and encouraged to bring a water bottle to school each day.  Please make sure your child’s name is clearly written on his/her water bottle.  Please only send water bottles that can be closed tight and will not spill on their the spill test at home to make sure! Straw top bottles work the best!  To prevent the spread of germs, students are responsible for bringing water bottles home each night to be cleaned and refilled.  
Since water is so important to the body, how much water should children drink every day?  An average of 4-5 glasses of fluid each day for children aged 2-6 and water is the best choice! After performing physical activity, or in hot or dry weather, remember to give your children a good supply of water. However, most children are not keen on drinking water, not to mention  4-5 glasses of water every day. They may find water rather bland as most of them have a sweet tooth. This makes a lot of parents worry.  
       To help children attain such goals, the following tips may help you:  
1. Start with a small amount, and keep giving your children water regularly so as to build up their habit of drinking water.  
2. Give them water after they get out of bed, during meals, snacks, or activities whenever you can.  
3. Give them water only, and not sweetened drinks, when possible. 
Thank You, 
      P.S. 108 Administration