Parent Letter #7 - Evacuations

posted Sep 10, 2019, 9:47 AM by Felicia Ippolito

September 2019

 Dear Parents/Guardians: 

Safety is the number one priority for P.S. 108Q.  As you may know, we practice several “drills” throughout the school year in order to prepare for various emergencies should they occur. Staff instructs students to adhere to specific procedures for each type of drill.

We want to assure parents that procedures are set in place for the safety of your children. We understand the concern of families regarding where there children will be in case of an emergency.  In the event of an evacuation where we need to vacate the premises, students will relocate to another location. 

Students will relocate to the following sites:

Ø  3K, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes will go to:

                                                            PS 100

     111-11 118th Street


Ø  Grade 2, Grade 3 classes will go to

                                                       PS 62

                                                     97-25 108th Street



Ø  Grade 4 and Grade 5 classes will go to:


                                                                MS 137

                                                    109-15 98th Street



Classroom teachers will go with their classes to the relocation site. Each classroom teacher will have an “emergency red bag” which contains a copy of each student’s blue card.  I hope that there will never be a need to evacuate the building, but we want parents and guardians to feel secure in knowing we are prepared should an emergency arise.  As an aside, we noticed that some parents choose to take their children’s coats after dropping them off at school, which is perfectly fine.  However, please keep in mind this means that those children will not have coats during an evacuation. 

In addition to our evacuation procedures, we practice other safety drills throughout the school year. 

They are as follows:

·         Soft Lockdown Drills: this drill occurs when a hazard is found within the building, but there is no identified imminent danger. Students are instructed to move out of sight and remain silent during this drill.

·         Hard Lockdown Drills: this drill occurs when a hazard is found within the building and imminent danger is known. Students will follow same procedures listed in a soft lockdown.

·         Shelter-in Drills: this drill occurs when there is a hazard outside of the building. All activities within the building carry on as usual.

·         Shelter Drill: this drill is used to practice procedures in the event of a severe storm, tornado etc. Students move quietly into the hallway, move next to the wall, crouch down and cover their heads. 

Please refer to this parent letter to familiarize yourselves with our emergency procedures and safety drills. This informative document will serve as an important resource for you throughout the entirety of the school year. 

In the event of an emergency, families will also be notified through School Messenger. 

As always, I thank you for your support and partnership in helping to keep our children safe.



J. Iovine