Parent Letter #23 - Construction

posted May 23, 2014, 9:15 AM by Felicia Ippolito

April 29, 2014


Dear Parents/Guardians:


I received notification on Monday, April 28th, from the NYC Department of Design and Construction, that they will be beginning a project called “Safe Routes to Schools” in our area.  This project work involves various pedestrian safety enhancements including the expansion of curbs, sewer repair and an additional sewer on 108th Street and 109th Avenue.


The initial phase of this project is expected to begin on Monday, May 5th on Rockaway Boulevard and 108th Street with construction work on the sewers.  I met with the Community Construction Liaison and he informed me that there will be no street closures however; we do anticipate this will cause additional traffic.  This project’s timetable is estimated at about 4 months though we do not know exactly when they will be working on 109th Avenue.  As I receive updated information I will send it to you.  If it is at all possible, we would encourage you to consider walking your child to school as opposed to driving.  I will be reaching out to School Safety to see if they can send additional Safety Agents to assist during this construction period.


We are excited that we have been included in this project and look forward to the final result.





M. Biondollilo