Parent Letter #22B - Summer Artifacts

posted Jun 27, 2012, 9:26 AM by Felicia Ippolito

June 20, 2012


Dear Parent/Guardian:


Summer is rapidly approaching and many of you have made plans to visit friends and family, travel across the city, outside the city and to other states and countries.        During your travels, we would like students to keep a small memento from the special events they experience over the summer.  Please have your child place the mementos in the plastic baggy labeled “Summer Artifacts” which we are sending home with this letter.  We’re asking that your child bring this “Summer Artifact” baggy back to school when they return in September as these items will help them complete their first writing task in September. 


Students in all grades (K-5) will receive a baggy and have been informed of the importance of coming to school in September with these special mementos.  Things to include in the baggy could range from plane tickets, tickets to a game, photos from places they visited, a shell from the beach, a menu (paper) from a restaurant, vacation souvenirs or anything that your child feels will remind them of their summer’s special moment.


Thank you, 


M.  Biondollilo