Parent Letter #2 - Policies

posted Sep 5, 2018, 11:43 AM by Felicia Ippolito

September 2018


Dear Parents/Guardians,


I would like to take this opportunity to go over some important information highlighted in the Parent Brochure.


  • Proper ID:  All persons entering the school building are required to present proper identification.  As you enter through the main entrance on 109th Avenue, you will be greeted by our school safety agent who will request to see proper ID.  You will then be asked to sign the log book.  As you know, providing a safe and secure environment is one of our main goals.  Please adhere to this procedure.  If you come to school without proper ID, you will not be allowed into the building.
  • Blue Cards:  Each child must have a fully completed blue card.  The blue card lists all important phone numbers and contact persons. Please do not list the same number several times, you must provide a minimum of two contact numbers.  No child will be released to anyone who is NOT on the blue card, so it’s important that you list all the people who might be picking up your child during the year.  No one under 18 years old is allowed to pick up a child during the school day. Older siblings attending middle and high school may pick up their younger sibling at dismissal. 
  • On Time Policy:  Arriving at school on time each day is essential to having your child receive a full day of learning.  School begins promptly at 8:00am which means our doors are closed at 8:00 and students begin to head up to their classrooms to start their day.  When a child arrives to school late, even 2 minutes late, they must enter the building using the main entrance and report to the late room.  During this time their lateness are recorded and they must wait for a school aide to escort them up to their classroom.  As you can imagine, this causes undo hardship on the staff, but more importantly places your child in an unnecessary disadvantage when they arrive late and miss important school work at the beginning of the school day.
  • Early Dismissal:  It is important that your child attend a full day of school each day.  We understand there are times when you must make appointments for your child.  We ask that you try to make all appointments after school hours Remember, if you pick up your child early, he/she will be marked absent for ½ day.  Attendance is one of the criteria for promotion.


Throughout the school year, you will be receiving Parent Letters regarding pertinent information.  Each letter is numbered.  Please read each letter carefully and keep them until June.  These letters can also be found on the schools webpage, under Parent’s Place. If you see that you have not received a letter, feel free to contact the school and we’ll gladly forward you a copy.

As always, I thank you for your continued support and partnership.




J. Iovine