Parent Letter #16 - Reminder of School Visitor Policies

posted Jan 24, 2013, 7:32 AM by MARIE BIONDOLLILO



Dear Parents/Guardians:


In light of recent events, we feel that it is important to restate the school’s policies and inform you of new procedures when entering the building and picking up children.  The policies are as follows:


  • No person can enter the building without valid identification There are no exceptions.


  • We will not release a child to any person unless they are listed on the Emergency Blue Card for that particular child.  The person’s name must be written exactly how it appears on their identification (including parent’s names).


  • If you need to add names to the Blue Card, you can come to the Main office with your identification and do so.  You are welcome to list as many names as you like on the card as long as you write the name how it appears on their ID.


  • No individual parent meetings with teachers are held in classrooms.  All meetings are held outside the main office or in guidance/SBST offices.


New Procedures:


  • When you are signed in at security desk, you will be given a name tag and the safety agents will notify the main office that you are coming up.  Upon leaving the building you will turn in your name tag and the safety agent will log you out.


These policies are in place for the safety and security of your children.  Please understand that staff must adhere to these policies and there will be no exceptions.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.




 M. Biondollilo