Parent Letter #16 - Recess

posted May 4, 2016, 6:09 AM by Felicia Ippolito

April 15, 2016


Dear Parents/Guardians:

In order to provide students with additional physical activity during lunchtime, we’ve set up a schedule that will allow each class to go outside on a daily basis. There are 3 lunch periods a day, all of which are 50 minutes long.  During each lunch period we serve over 400 students.  In order to provide ample time for children to get and eat their lunch, classes will go outside for approximately 20 minutes, which allows an appropriate amount of time for students to eat lunch.   

As you know, the safety of your children is paramount; therefore there are some factors which can affect this schedule: 

  • Inclement weather
  • Shortage of staff on a given day
  • Any safety concerns outside the building


Thank you for your continued partnership and support.  



M. Biondollilo