Parent Letter #13 - Attendance

posted Nov 18, 2013, 9:20 AM by Felicia Ippolito

November 18, 2013




Dear Parents / Guardians:


We want to take this time to remind you of the importance of your child’s attendance in school.  We understand that children get sick and it is important to keep a child home if they are unwell.  Documentation should be provided to the school whenever your child is absent.  You should send in a written note.  However, if a child is absent 3 days or more in a row or is chronically absent due to a medical condition, a doctor’s note is required.


Studies indicate a direct link with attendance and a child’s performance in school.  Research shows that students who miss more than 20 days in a given school year are less likely to graduate from high school.  Missing even two days a month adds up to 20 days a year.  Lateness can also affect your child’s performance.  Often, the first period of the school day is scheduled for students to work on literacy skills.  If a student is 20 minutes late, they miss almost half of the lesson.  In addition, late arrivals disrupt other students and teachers during class time.


According to The Chancellor’s Regulations, a child that is absent more than 2 days per month or 20 days per school year, is chronically absent.  If a child misses 20 days of school in a year that is equivalent to more than one month of school.  Please take the time to review the chart on the back of this page.


In conclusion, please be mindful of your child’s attendance because it can seriously affect their long term education.  With all of the new challenges our students are facing each day, we want to give them every advantage possible to be successful in their academic careers and beyond.  Everyday a child is present in school brings them closer to achieving their goals.





M. Biondollilo