Parent Letter #1 (2013) - Welcome

posted Sep 26, 2013, 6:55 AM by Felicia Ippolito



September 2013


Dear Parents/Guardians,


On behalf of the entire staff I want to welcome you back to the PS 108 School Community.  To the parents who are new to school, we send you a warm welcome and we’re very excited to have you as part of our school family. We’re excited to begin the new school year and we look forward to a strong, unified partnership. 


Moving forward it’s important to reflect on the successes of last year to help guide our focus for this new school year.  Children in grades 3-5 are required to take State exams. Last year’s state assessments were more rigorous and were aligned to the new Common Core Standards.  The average citywide score was 26.4 and Math was 29.6 reflecting a 30% drop in scores. Comparatively, PS 108 scores were considerably higher: ELA 42.8 and in Math 43.5.  These exams provide academic performance data on our students, as well as, reflect how effective the school is in addressing the academic needs of our students.  Your child’s individual results on these State Exams- ELA and Math can be viewed in the ARIS Parent Link, using your personal login information. Please contact Mrs. Ippolito in the main office if you have any problems accessing the site. It’s important to print a copy and review the results with your child.


Last year we began the transition to the Common Core, with an emphasis on raising the ‘rigor’ of instruction in all grades. The city’s goal is to engage all students in rigorous units of study in literacy and math. Our teachers continue to work in teams to ensure all instructional plans are aligned to the Common Core.  


We are committed to support your child academically and socially to ensure each child graduates P.S.108Q with the skills and tools necessary to excel in Middle School and beyond.


I want to extend my personal thanks in advance for all your support.  A school’s success is only possible with the collaboration of parents and teachers. Your participation in your child’s education is critical to their success. Together we can and will make a difference!




Ms. Biondollilo